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As fervent believers in the transformative power of design, IROCO Design strives to make trade shows and event spaces unique by supplying some of the world’s most beguiling furniture.

IROCO Design will help your brand move beyond the purely functional to a world of emotion and sensation, thus ensuring your brand values are elevated, and your message is clearly communicated to your clients at all your events.

We achieve this by scouring the furniture industry for the most beautiful and practical pieces that work within all budgets. Our quest has led us to forge relationships with hundreds of furniture suppliers, small and large, who are continually providing us with valuable insights into emerging trends.

A committed service provider and veterans of over 5,000 events, we consider ourselves experts on what works, what doesn’t, which pieces combine best with others, and which furniture suits certain ambiences, light or venues.

We invite clients to share their projects and ideas so we can create for them, a truly compelling and standout space.

Our Collection


Differentiate through Stunning Design


Long gone are the days of heavy brown furniture for corporate events, or stackable wooden chairs for weddings. Today, clients want sleek, contemporary pieces that create immediate impact and add value to their brands, and there’s no reason why furniture for rent for offices, corporate events, exhibitions, tradeshows, photo-shoots, weddings or private parties shouldn’t be the most stylish products, from the most prestigious European furniture brands.

Functional and Sensational Furniture

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Our furniture for rent is versatile and adaptable. Our design team sources pieces which make a statement on their own, or easily integrated as part of a larger design. Our furniture can be styled to suit the design concept of virtually any event from opulent wedding receptions to sleek product launches.

Asia’s Most Stylish


Established in Hong Kong in 2011, IROCO Design has helped create a multitude of elegant, unusual and imaginative events using beautiful European rental furniture.  Acknowledged market leaders and experts in our field, we are truly passionate about good design, and bringing it within easy reach of everyone in Asia.

Design Excellence at Every Event


Corporate Events
Providing indoor and outdoor rental furniture for product launches, corporate presentations, MICE and VIP events

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Furnishing Asia’s most prestigious events including Hong Kong Art Basel, Art Central, Design Shanghai, and Great Shanghai


Trade Shows
Spearheading the rental of stylish event furniture at trade shows across the region including Tokyo Motor Show, Fashion and Fur and Vinexpo


Ensuring instant glamour and atmosphere at any wedding whether at home or at a venue, with both indoor and outdoor furniture to rent


Private Parties
From softly glowing bars and seating combinations to striking lighting and accessories


A vast collection of stylish chairs, tables, stools, LED and lounge furniture for any event held in a hotel

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Whether you call us, visit our website, or come and see us in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Tokyo, you’ll receive knowledgeable assistance from people who come from design backgrounds.