Designer Sofa Rental 

In a seductive range of colours and a wide range of finishes, our sofa rental pieces are functional, modular, multi-purpose and bring immediate style to events, conferences or private parties in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Shanghai: some of the most talented names in design have created pieces for the prestigious brands we carry such as Arper, Driade, Kartell, Serralunga and Pedrali.

Any lounge or reception area would benefit from a selection of Arper’s strikingly modern Catifa chairs; the sinuous, soft lines and mouthwatering array of colours make these elegant pieces a logical rental choice. Equally desirable are Mismo’s Pelican chairs in neutral shades; the Barca is a more classic pick, as is the elegantly traditional Chesterfield, but all lounge chairs and sofas – including our wide range of modular pieces – share the clean lines, timelessness and minimalist design aesthetic of our sofa rental catalogue.

We also have a number of rental chairs and sofas for rent that turn the traditional concept of lounge seating on its head: armchairs created from polyethylene or shaped to resemble a human head, or seating constructed from inflatable upholstered balls. Instead of sacrificing comfort for style, however, these handpicked pieces offer both – sofa rental pieces that are ergonomic and strikingly beautiful. Rent Fabio Novembre’s quirky Nemo Armchair or Lina’s Modular Balls as statement pieces for your next party: aside from being fun for guests to perch on, they provide excellent talking points!